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Live statistics - current rate of the spare parts stock:

Associated:97.61% of the spare parts are available of our stock
Team Magic:97.99% of the spare parts are available of our stock
Rally Legends:93.55% of the spare parts are available of our stock
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Servos Trinity TRIB1047
Steering Servo With Servo Hom
Car option parts Trinity TRI7036B
TC3 Blue Foam Bumper
Wires - Connectors Trinity TRI5108
Silver Plated Battery Bars
Wires - Connectors Trinity TRI5021
R-Minus Battery Connectors
Oils / Greases Trinity TRI5004
Rosin Flux
Brushes / Springs / Accessories Trinity TRI4383ENT
P-94 Motor Brush
Brushes / Springs / Accessories Trinity TRI4053
'Comm Pen''
Brushes / Springs / Accessories Trinity TRI4049
'Bushing Buster''
Oils / Greases Trinity TRI4026
Stock Motor Micro Oiler
Brushes / Springs / Accessories Trinity TRI4024
Turbo Drops
Car option parts Trinity TRI30022
Replacement Part - Trinity - Body Adjusters 6mm
Bodies - Accessories Associated AE29260
Engine Sound System - ESS-One
Wires - Connectors HRC Racing HRC9118
Charger Lead - Banana Plug to Receiver Battery Universal Plug
Speedcontrolers HRC Racing HRC5852
Ventilator Dust Protector - for 30x30 fan
Double podiums for Team Magic with Balmer and Manzo @ MRCP WM 3
Team HRC / Team Magic at the GP3F 2014 @ Longwy
Stefan Wüthrich / Team Associated R5.2 on the Podium @ ART Winter Cup Rd2
Stefan Wüthrich / Team Associated R5.2 wins SIC Rd1 @ FAMA 2014
Patrick Hofer dominates MRTO Challenge @ Altnau
Patrick Hofer / Team Associated B44.3 takes second place @ Indoor Dirt Race Germany
Team Magic E4RS II Evo on the podium of 2014-15 ART Winter Cup round 1 @ Münsigen
Patrick Hofer / Team Associated B44.3 TQ and wins Leonberg Indoor Race !
Michele Manzo on third place @ Stans / MRCP Winter Cup round 1
Michele Manzo / Team Magic E4RS II EVO wins HSH Cup 2014 !
PROTOform dominates 1/12 and 1/10 ISTC 2014 World Championships !!
NEW Team Magic E4RS III - Coming FAST !!
Roger Eifler / Associated RC10R5.1 2014 Swiss Champion !!
Team Associated Schweiz
The Rally Legends Deutschland und Schweiz
Team Magic Deutschland und Schweiz
Ultimate Racing Deutschland und Schweiz
Green RC
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