Brands distributed by HRC

Here are all the brands we distribute. According to your country, some of these brands are not available from our company.

Marca: Paese: Informazioni:
Etronix United Kingdom


Etronix is a serious manufacturer of electronic items and accessories

EZpower Italy


EZpower is a manufacturer of many high quality RC items.

Fastrax United Kingdom


Fastrax r/c parts are interesting to everyone.

HARD Racing Taiwan

HARD Racing:

HARD is a manufacturer of High Quality RC accessories.

HRC Racing Switzerland

HRC Racing:

HRC Racing Products

K Factory Taiwan

K Factory:

K Factory is a manufacture of custom aftermarket parts (dream optional parts) for only "good" R/C cars. Each K Factory part is produced utilizing the most advanced design techniques and CNC machining to deliver incredible quality. The most important is that K Factory designers always have unique ideas to make your cars better.

KillerBody China


KillerBody is the reference brand in ultra detailed scale RC bodies and accessories.

Pro-Line United States


Proline Racing offers a large range of bodies and competition tires for Offroad cars. Worldchampion quality known by racers worldwide.

ProCircuit Spain


ProCircuit is a new racing tires manufacturer.

Protoform United States


Protoform bodies are high quality and picked up many Worldchampionship titles.

Rally Legends

Rally Legends:

Rally Legends is a brand of high quality and beautiful 1/10 Rally Legends cars.

Team Magic Taiwan

Team Magic:

Team Magic è un marca leader in automobile RC e proponga di numerose innovazioni.

Ultimate Racing Spain

Ultimate Racing:

Ultimate Racing is specialized in filter, shock- and diffential oils. Pure silicone and consequence quality control offers finest quality to r/c racers.

XXX Main Canada

XXX Main:

XXX Main è il leader mondiale in autoadesivi RC, autoadesivi interni, maschere di pittura. Del materiale di molto alta qualità, e dei designs molto cool.

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